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Staging your home- How to sell your house for more

Home Staging increases sales price and reduces time on market

Learn why staging your home home staging increases your sales price and speed of sale.  The video explains staging a house for selling and when to do it.






This is Kevin Wall with Jodywallrealtor.com.  Home staging is a low cost way to increase your sells price

What if could you could earn an extra 10% return on your biggest investment without additional cost? Are you motivated to learn how?

According to sites like National Association of Realtors and Home Staging Resources, 46% of staged homes sell for 10% more than comparison properties.

Staged homes sell 43% faster than non-staged homes. That is more money faster into your pocket. Sound interesting? Here are three reasons why you should
stage your home.

Reason number 1- Buyers want to see themselves in the prospective property.

They won’t be able to do that if your things are getting in the way. Many people do not stage their homes because they do not like the inconvenience.

They say to themselves, “It is my house  and I want it the way I have it. Buyers will overlook my mess.”

No they won’t!

Reason number 2 – A well-staged home is visually pleasing. Your home looks comfortable and inviting.

Buyers are able to see themselves living there.
Staging is not decorating. Staging is not remodeling.

Staging is decluttering, re-configuring, and even re-purposing items in your home.

Reason 3 – Home Staging -get a start on your move.

You are moving after all. Why not start packing up as soon as possible? Pack those items that buyers will see as clutter. It will also prevent some collectibles from being accidentally broken. When should you stage?

You should stage your home before it’s listed and before the listing photos are taken. Meet with your Realtor. She will advise you on specific things you can do to stage your home for selling.

You never have a second chance to make a first impression. Staging is a no cost investment in getting top dollar for your house.

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